Fiber-to-the-Telecom Enclosure

What is the Fiber-to-the-Telecom-Enclosure Architecture?

The Fiber-to-the-Telecom Enclosure (FTTE) topology, also called Fiber to the Zone (FTTZ) is a standards-compliant cabling architecture that extends the optical fiber backbone from the main Equipment Room (ER) all the way to Telecommunications Enclosures (ERs). The fiber cable passes through the Telecommunications Room (TR) on each floor without the need for splices or other connections. Consequently, the telecom room on each floor can be smaller than typically used. FTTE was designed to take advantage of the long link lengths afforded by fiber cable. It is one of the most cost-effective architectures in use today.

Fiber-to-the-Telecom Enclosure (FTTE)